• Sportsman HYD Roller 427" (665hp)

    $20,200.00 $19,450.00

    This hydraulic roller 427" is one of our most popular engine combinations. It originally started with us doing a build very similar to this for our "shop" car years ago. We had many customers call and say they wanted this same exact combination due to its performance, low maintenance, and overall affordable price. Many hours were spent designing this combination and after many camshaft/valvetrain variations, we have a very effective combination. We build these for up to a 250 shot of nitrous and in most cars, it will run 9.70-10.20 N/A and on nitrous 8.70-8.90's. We can do these for pump gas, race gas, or E85  (we have proven carburetors for all). 

    Power Numbers (without vacuum pump):

    -645hp on 93 octane

    -665hp on E85

    -12.9:1 static compression (for E85 or Race Gas Setup) 


    -11:1 static compression (for 93 pump gas)

    -Dart SHP Block, Billet Main Caps, 4.125" Bore, Fully machined in-house at ZSR (For more info click HERE)

    -Wiseco Flat Top 2618 forged pistons, coated skirts

    -Wiseco GFX ringset, 1.2/1.2/3mm, Steel Top Ring, Ductile Iron second ring w/napier hook 

    -Molnar Billet Steel H-Beam Rods w/ARP2000 Bolts

    -Trend Tool Steel Wrist Pins

    -ARP Main Studs

    -Durabond Coated cam bearings and Clevite H-Series Main and Rod Bearings 

    -Trickflow 205 11R heads, 56cc Chamber, ARP Rocker Studs, Ferrea Valves, PAC 1222X Springs

    -ARP Head Studs

    -Cometic MLS Head Gaskets

    -Edelbrock Super Victor Intake (Fully Ported)

    -Cometic custom intake gaskets

    -Two Carburetor Options:

        -APD All-Billet 4150 (Gas)

        -APD All-Billet 4150 (E85)

    -Trickflow aluminum roller rockers

    -Trend One-Piece Chromoly Pushrods 

    -JOHNSON USA-Made Linkbar lifters, Reduced Travel

    -ZSR custom HYD roller camshaft on Billet Core 

    -Rollmaster Billet Timing Set w/Torrington Bearing

    -Moroso Front or Rear Sump Oil Pan and matching pickup

    -Allstar Timing Cover

    -Innovators West SFI-Approved Damper and ARP Damper Bolt

    -MSD Billet Distributor w/Steel Gear (Locked Out)

    -NGK Spark Plugs

    -MSD Plug Wires

    **Freight will be calculated once engine is ready to ship**