• Sportsman 451" 980hp N/A

    $29,900.00 $29,150.00

    Are you looking to make near 1000hp naturally-aspirated with a small block? We have the solution here with another "Sportsman" engine package. Just like all the other Sportsman packages, it is built to be very low maintenance while still making great power at a modest price. Perfect for heads-up or bracket racing. 

    Here is everything included, top to bottom:

    -Custom APD All-Billet Carburetor for Q16 Fuel

    -Carburetor Spacer

    -Higgins 4500 Intake (CNC Ported)

    -ZSR Custom Engraved Valve Covers

    -Higgins 3.3 Cleveland Heads, REV Custom Valves, PSI Springs, Titanium Retainers

    -T&D Shaft Rockers 

    -Manton 7/16 Pushrods 

    -BAM Solid Roller Lifters w/Direct Pin Oiling 

    -ZSR Custom Solid Roller Camshaft (2.081 Common Journal)

    -Jesel Belt Drive and ATF Speed Motor Plate 

    -Diamond Custom Pistons, Vertical Gas Ports 

    -Total Seal .9mm Ringset 

    -Molnar Billet H-Beam Rods 

    -Lunati 4340 Crankshaft 

    -Stef's Custom Kickout Aluminum Oil Pan w/Windage Screen

    -ATI Super Damper and Moroso Crank Trigger 

    -Moroso Crank Mandrel 

    -Moroso 4-Vane Enhanced Vacuum Pump

    -Engine is dyno-tested before shipping 

    -Headers NOT Included