"Elite Series" 2000hp Power-Adder 9.5" Deck

"Elite Series" 2000hp Power-Adder 9.5" Deck

The "Elite-Series" engines are our top of the line builds for the racer wanting to make around 2000hp (varies on application). These are extremely high quality, durable parts being used and can withstand the abuse of all-out race applications. 

Shortblock Components:

-Dart Iron Eagle or Iron Eagle PRO block, billet mains, 4-bolt on all mains, fully machined in-house at ZSR (For More Info Click HERE)

-Block is Cut for O-Rings 

-Callie's Magnum 4340 USA-made crankshaft, gundrilled mains, balanced internally

-Callie's Ultra Enforcer Connecting Rods 

-Diamond custom pistons per your application:

    -Any dome or dish volume for the same price

    -Made for any cylinder head you are using, whether inline or canted valve

    -Hard anodize finish with moly coated skirts

    -Full round forging 

-Trend H13 Tool Steel Wrist Pins 

-Total Seal AP Steel Ringset, Steel Top ring, Napier groove second

-Clevite Coated Main and Rod Bearings 

-Durabond Coated cam bearings 

-ARP main studs 

-Felpro Teflon Rear Main Seal

-Moroso Fabricated Oil Pan w/Kickouts, Windage Tray

-Melling Select oil Pump

-Jesel Two-Piece Belt Drive 

-Innovators West SFI-Approved Damper w/Crank Trigger, Sensor, Bracket, and Timing Pointer 

Top End Parts:

-TFS/ZSR 240cc High Port Heads w/PAC 1335 Solid Roller Springs, Titanium Retainers, Inconel Exhaust Valves, Soft Chambers


-Brodix 15* "Head Hunters" w/PAC 1335 Solid Roller Springs, Titanium Retainers, Inconel Exhaust Valves, Soft Chambers

-ARP 12pt Head Studs

-Clarke Copper Head Gaskets 

-T&D Shaft Rockers 

-Trend 3/8" .135" Wall Pushrods

-Custom Solid Roller Camshaft (100% for your application), Double Pinned, on USA Billet Core

-Morel Ultra Linkbar Lifters w/direct axle oiling 

Optional Upgrades:

-Oversize Lifter Bores

-Oversize Cam Tunnel

-Titanium Intake Valves

**Freight Calculated once engine is ready to ship**

$25,000.00 $22,000.00