• "Elite Series" 2000hp+ Power-Adder 9.5" Deck


    The "Elite-Series" engines are our top of the line builds for the racer wanting to make 2000hp+. We have customers making over 2500hp with this setup. These are extremely high quality, durable parts being used and can withstand the abuse of all-out race applications. Available in turbo, blower, and nitrous packages. 

    Shortblock Components:

    -Dart Iron Eagle block, billet mains, 4-bolt on all mains, fully machined in-house at ZSR (For More Info Click HERE)

    -ZSR "Top Fuel Hoops" Installed 

    -Callie's Magnum 4340 USA-made crankshaft, gundrilled mains, balanced internally

    -Callie's Ultra Enforcer Connecting Rods w/3.5 Bolts

    -Diamond custom pistons per your application:

        -Any dome or dish volume for the same price

        -Made for any cylinder head you are using, whether inline or canted valve

        -Hard anodize finish with moly coated skirts

        -Full round forging 

    -Trend H13 Tool Steel Wrist Pins 

    -Total Seal AP Steel Ringset, Steel Top ring, Napier groove second

    -Clevite Coated Main and Rod Bearings 

    -Durabond Coated cam bearings 

    -ARP main studs 

    -Felpro Teflon Rear Main Seal

    -Moroso Fabricated Oil Pan w/Kickouts, Windage Tray

    -Melling Select oil Pump

    -Jesel Two-Piece Belt Drive 

    -Innovators West SFI-Approved Damper w/Crank Trigger, Sensor, Bracket, and Timing Pointer 

    Top End Parts:

    -TFS/ZSR 240cc High Port Heads w/PSI Solid Roller Springs, Titanium Retainers, Inconel Exhaust Valves, Soft Chambers

    -ARP 12pt Head Studs

    -Clarke Copper Head Gaskets 

    -T&D STEEL Shaft Rockers 

    -Manton 3/8" .135" Wall Pushrods

    -Custom Solid Roller Camshaft (100% for your application), 2.081 Journals, on USA Billet Core

    -Morel Ultra Linkbar Lifters w/direct axle oiling 

    Optional Upgrades:

    -Oversize Lifter Bores

    -Oversize Cam Tunnel

    -Titanium Intake Valves

    **Freight Calculated once engine is ready to ship**