MSD Pro 600 CDI

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MSD #8000

MSD Pro 600 CDI ignition boxes are 8-channel capacitive discharge ignitions designed for high cylinder pressure, high-horsepower engines running coil-near-plug ignition. When you're making extreme cylinder pressure with boost or nitrous on an inductive coil-per-plug ignition, lack of spark energy means you're leaving horsepower on the table. To answer this need, the ignition experts at MSD developed the PRO 600 CDI to provide unrivaled spark energy and dependability. Pro Mod to Pro Street, or yanking a sled in the dirt with a pulling truck, if you need to light 8 coils without fail, MSD PRO 600 boxes are the answer.

Features include:

* Eight outputs of up to 680 mJ of energy

* All necessary wiring harnesses included

* Continuous 600 mJ operation, without risk of failure from overheating

* High-efficiency Alternating Current (AC) power delivery means less voltage draw from your battery or charging system

* Over 50 kilovolts output voltage when used with MSD suggested coils

* Spark duration of greater than 300 microseconds

* 6 volts minimum required for starting and running

* 12 volts minimum required for 600 mJ opereation

* Maximum operating voltage 22 V

* Direct plug-in to Holley EFI systems

* Compatible with most EFI systems, including 5 V or 12 V drivers

* Plug-in interface with MSD Power-Grid, Davis Profiler, and OEM LS-style coil harness

* Reverse battery protection

* Protection against shorted or open coils, and over temperature

* Diagnostic LEDs help troubleshoot issues should they arise

* On-the-fly power output selection wire, selectable between low power and high power operation

* Fits most coil-per-plug engines up to eight cylinders (including 4- and 6-cylinders)

* Additional CAN based features, when used with Holley EFI

* Approved for NHRA Pro Mod Class