• AFR 185cc Street Heads


    ** Please contact for current availability**

    **NOTE: When comparing prices, please keep in mind that we only sell this cylinder head with the upgraded #8019 spring, as a stud mount head, and ARP 7/16 rocker studs all included**

    AFR 185cc Street heads are 100% CNC'd on the intake runners, exhaust ports, and combustion chamber. Available in two different chamber sizes and with or without EGR/Air Pump. 

    -58cc or 72cc Chambers

    -Five angle valve job

    -2.020/1.600 Valves with 8mm Stems

    -Beadlock valve keepers

    -Manley Retainers

    -PAC Springs (1.270 OD, 155lbs on the seat, .650 lift capable)

    -Adjustable guide plates and ARP 7/16 rocker studs included

    Part #'s: