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Sportsman 363" N/A 650hp+

Sportsman 363" N/A 650hp+

This package is a ready-to-run, dyno-tested, 363" Naturally-Aspirated SBF engine that makes 650hp+ and 480ft/lbs+. This engine package is setup for drag racing and perfect for the guys that want to run low-mid 9 sec 1/4 mile in an average weight Mustang or similar car. Very easy on the valvetrain and overall low maintenance engine that can go a long time before needing refreshed. This is a well thought out combination to give maximum power in the most simple package, at an affordable price. Complete from Carburetor to Oil Pan, Distributor, and Vacuum Pump Setup. 

Engine Specs:

-363" (4.125" bore x 3.400" stroke)

-13.5:1 Static Compression 

-650hp+ at 7400rpm and 480ft/lbs+ at 5700rpm

-DART SHP Block with ARP Main Studs, Fully Machined In-House at ZSR (For More Info Click HERE)

-RACETEC Fully Custom 2618 Forged Dome Pistons, Double Pin Oilers, Vertical Gas Ports

-MAHLE Ringset, 1mm-1mm-2mm Setup, Steel Top Ring, Steel Napier Second Ring

-LUNATI 4340 Forged Crankshaft, Balanced Internally

-MOLNAR Billet H-Beam Connecting Rods w/ARP2000 bolts

-CLEVITE H-Series Bearings 

-AFR 220cc Renegade Cylinder Heads, 8mm Valve Stems, ARP Rocker Studs, PAC 1225 Springs, Adjustable Guideplates

-ARP Head Studs

-COMETIC MLS Head Gaskets

-JESEL "Sportsman-Series" Rockers

-TREND One-Piece Pushrods (3/8)

-MOREL "Ultra-Pro" Solid Roller Lifters

-ZSR Custom Solid Roller Camshaft, Cut on USA billet core

-ROLLMASTER Billet Timing Set, Torrington Bearing, IWIS Chain, ARP Cam Bolt, Machined Cam Retainer Plate

-EDELBROCK Super Victor Intake

-COMETIC Custom Intake Gaskets and ARP Intake Bolts

-ATI SFI-Approved Damper (Internally Balanced Engine)

-MELLING "Select" Oil Pump

-ARP Pump Driveshaft and ARP Oil Pump Bolts

-MOROSO Oil Pan (Front or Rear Sump) with matching MOROSO Pickup

-ALLSTAR Timing Cover

-ALLSTAR BILLET Adjustable Timing Pointer 

-QUICK-FUEL 950 Carburetor 

-Carburetor Spacer and Studs

-CVR Billet Adjustable Water Neck 

-GZ MOTORSPORTS Vacuum Pump Complete Kit (Includes Oil Fill Cap and Lock-On Breather)

-MSD Billet Distributor

-Upgrades available

-Engine will arrive to you with the lash set and ready to run. We run it here before it leaves and you also have the option to dyno the engine too

**Freight will be calculated once engine is ready to ship**

**DISCLAIMER** When we advertise a dyno number on any of our engine packages, they are the real-world numbers that the engine consistently made. No "hail mary" tunes or "fluff" in these numbers. Our engines run the number at the track that backup our dyno sheets

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