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Sportsman 363" N/A 650hp+

Sportsman 363" N/A 650hp+

This package is a ready-to-run, dyno-tested, 363" Naturally-Aspirated SBF engine that makes 650hp+ and 480ft/lbs+. This engine package is setup for drag racing and perfect for the guys that want to run low-mid 9 sec 1/4 mile in an average weight Mustang or similar car. Very easy on the valvetrain and overall low maintenance engine that can go a long time before needing refreshed. This is a well thought out combination to give maximum power in the most simple package, at an affordable price. Complete from Carburetor to Oil Pan, Distributor, and Vacuum Pump Setup. 

Engine Specs:

-363" (4.125" bore x 3.400" stroke)

-13.5:1 Static Compression 

-650hp+ at 7400rpm and 480ft/lbs+ at 5700rpm

-DART SHP Block with ARP Main Studs, Fully Machined In-House at ZSR (For More Info Click HERE)

-RACETEC Fully Custom 2618 Forged Dome Pistons, Double Pin Oilers, Vertical Gas Ports

-MAHLE Ringset, 1mm-1mm-2mm Setup, Steel Top Ring, Steel Napier Second Ring

-LUNATI 4340 Forged Crankshaft, Balanced Internally

-MOLNAR Billet H-Beam Connecting Rods w/ARP2000 bolts

-CLEVITE H-Series Bearings 

-AFR 220cc Renegade Cylinder Heads, 8mm Valve Stems, ARP Rocker Studs, PAC 1225 Springs, Adjustable Guideplates

-ARP Head Studs

-COMETIC MLS Head Gaskets

-JESEL "Sportsman-Series" Rockers

-TREND One-Piece Pushrods (3/8)

-MOREL "Ultra-Pro" Solid Roller Lifters

-ZSR Custom Solid Roller Camshaft, Cut on USA billet core

-ROLLMASTER Billet Timing Set, Torrington Bearing, IWIS Chain, ARP Cam Bolt, Machined Cam Retainer Plate

-EDELBROCK Super Victor Intake

-COMETIC Custom Intake Gaskets and ARP Intake Bolts

-ATI SFI-Approved Damper (Internally Balanced Engine)

-MELLING "Select" Oil Pump

-ARP Pump Driveshaft and ARP Oil Pump Bolts

-MOROSO Oil Pan (Front or Rear Sump) with matching MOROSO Pickup

-ALLSTAR Timing Cover

-ALLSTAR BILLET Adjustable Timing Pointer 

-QUICK-FUEL 950 Carburetor 

-Carburetor Spacer and Studs

-CVR Billet Adjustable Water Neck 

-GZ MOTORSPORTS Vacuum Pump Complete Kit (Includes Oil Fill Cap and Lock-On Breather)

-MSD Billet Distributor

-Upgrades available

-Engine will arrive to you with the lash set and ready to run. 

**Freight will be calculated once engine is ready to ship**

**DISCLAIMER** When we advertise a dyno number on any of our engine packages, they are the real-world numbers that the engine consistently made. No "hail mary" tunes or "fluff" in these numbers. Our engines run the number at the track that backup our dyno sheets