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Trickflow 205 11R Cylinder Heads

Trickflow 205 11R Cylinder Heads

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Trickflow 205 11R Cylinder heads

-Fully Assembled, ready to bolt on

-CNC'd competition ported intake and exhaust runners

-CNC'd combustion chambers

-11 degree intake valve angle

-13 degree exhaust valve angle

-8mm, 2.080" Intake Valves (Ferrea)

-8mm, 1.600" Exhaust Valves (Ferrea)

-Chromoly or Titanium Retainers

-1.300" PAC Racing Springs- 150lbs closed, 440lbs open, .630" lift capable

-ARP Rocker Studs included

-5 angle valve job on intake, 3 angle on exhaust

-Clearanced for 3/8" pushrods

See flow sheet here: Flow Sheet 205 11R





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