• Machined Dart SBF Blocks


    ZSR offers fully machined Dart blocks that will arrive at your door ready to assemble. We prep and machine these blocks the same as the blocks that we are going to assemble so you have the best product possible. Here is what machine work is performed: 

    -Blocks are deburred by hand

    -Oil Returns Chamfered 

    -Deck is surfaced with BHJ fixture to find true 45 angle off of crank and cam bores. Surface finish compatible with ANY head gasket

    -Block is bored on Kwik-Way boring bar

    -Cylinders are finish honed on Rottler CNC Hone with aluminum torque plates installed with ARP hardware. Surface checked with profilometer 

    -Main bores are line honed with ARP main studs installed

    -Lifter bores honed

    -SHP, Sportsman, and Iron Eagle are all available. Machined to your specific deck height and bore size.

    Price includes:

    ARP Main Studs

    DART coated cam bearings (Installed)

    Deep seat freeze plugs installed

    Painted your color of choice

    All plugs installed (one has .030" hole to lube distributor gear)

    ALL machine work done IN-HOUSE

    We ship world-wide with great shipping rates from numerous carriers. Shipping inside the US is typically $200-250 and calculated when ready to ship.