• Sportsman Pump-Gas 438" 760hp


    If you like racing on affordable fuel (93 octane pump gas) then you are going to love this naturally-aspirated 438" combination. No additives, no race gas, just true 93 octane from the pump. It is complete from carburetor to pan, vacuum pump, distributor, plug wires, and dyno tuned before it leaves our shop. Take a look at what this combo consists of:

    760hp at 7400rpm

    580ft/lbs at 6200rpm

    -APD All-Billet Dominator Carburetor

    -BMP 4500-Series Intake Manifold (Fully Ported)

    -ZSR "Sportsman" Fabricated Valve Covers 

    -Trickflow 240 High Port Heads (Ferrea "Comp Plus" Valves, PAC Springs and 500-series Retainers)

    -ARP 12pt Head Studs 

    -Cometic MLS Head Gaskets

    -T&D Shaft Rockers

    -Trend 3/8 .135W Pushrods 

    -BAM Ultra Lifters w/Direct Pin Oiling 

    -Custom Solid Roller Camshaft 

    -Rollmaster Billet Timing Set w/Torrington Bearing 

    -MSD Crank Trigger Distributor

    -MSD Plug Wires

    -NGK Spark Plugs

    -Dart SHP Block (Fully Machined IN-HOUSE)

    -Diamond Custom Pistons w/vertical gas ports

    -Mahle 1mm-1mm-2mm Rings

    -Molnar Billet Steel Rods w/ARP2000 Bolts

    -Lunati 4340 Forged Crankshaft (Internal Balance)

    -ARP Main Studs 

    -Coated Cam Bearings 

    -Stef's Aluminum Oil Pan w/trap doors and windage screen

    -Precision "Select" Oil Pump

    -Innovator's West SFI Approved Damper w/Crank Trigger and Sensor

    -GZ "Super Pro" Vacuum Pump

    -Dyno Included  (watch below)