• MOLNAR SBF Billet H-Beam Rods

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    MOLNAR Billet H-Beam Connecting Rods with the CORRECT Ford offset that many rods do not have. Manufactured from 4340 billet steel. Includes ARP2000 bolts and tolerances are held to +/- .0001". Finished in the USA. 

    5.400/2.100/.927 Part #FH5400NLB8-A

    6.00/2.100/.927 Part #FH6000NLB8-A

    6.125/2.100/.927 Part #FH6125NLB8-A

    6.200/2.100/.927 Part #FH6200NLB8-A

    6.300/2.100/.927 Part #FH6300NLB8-A