Holley Hi-Ram EFI Intake (9.5 Deck)

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Holley "Hi-Ram" EFI Intake (Part # 300-242)

-Fits 9.5 deck engines (351W)

-Includes fuel railsĀ 

-Uses 105mm LS throttle Body

-General RPM Range: 1500-7000

Holley 351W Ford Hi-Ram EFI intake manifolds are designed for your high performance engine. The modular design of these manifolds offers a runner length and a tapered cross-section layout that works for a wide range of engine configurations. The included fuel rails are machined for -8 AN O-ring fittings with passages large enough to accommodate high fuel flows and dampen pressure pulsations in the fuel system. Build maximum performance with 351W Hi-Ram EFI intake manifolds from Holley