• Higgins Heads/Intake Package ASSEMBLED


    HIGGINS cylinder head and intake manifold packages. This is a very nice combination of parts that can make 1000hp+ N/A and 2500hp+ on a boosted application. No other cylinder head in this price point can compare. 


    -Cleveland Style for SBF

    -3.3 MCSA

    -2.230/1.600 Valves (Stainless or Coated Titanium Available)

    -PSI DR426R Valve Springs (300lb Closed/840lb Open) Contact for other spring options

    -Xceldyne Titanium Retainers

    -Fully CNC ported and ready to assemble

    -50cc Combustion Chamber (Contact for other sizes)

    -Standard "Cleveland" header bolt pattern on standard exhaust port

    -Raised exhaust port requires our custom flanges

    -Fully Assembled and Ready to Install


    -Fully CNC Ported and Ready to Install

    -Available for 9.200 or 9.500 Deck Height

    -4150 or 4500 Flange

    -Carburetor or EFI (EFI version comes with fuel rails)