• "Elite-Series" Nitrous 452"


    The "Elite-Series" engines are our top of the line builds. This is a nitrous-specific engine that can handle 600-700hp worth of nitrous. We can also do these in an EFI version with dry nitrous. Contact us for more info. 

    This combo makes 990hp naturally aspirated. 

    Here is what goes into these engines:

    -APD Billet Custom Dominator (EFI Options Available Too)

    -Carburetor Spacer

    -Induction Solutions X275 Fogger

    -Higgins CNC Ported Intake

    -ZSR Billet Valve Covers 

    -T&D Steel Rockers w/Spring Oilers

    -Manton Series-5 Pushrods 

    -BAM .937 Lifters

    -ZSR Custom 55mm Solid Roller

    -Jesel Belt Drive


    -Higgins 3.3 Cleveland Heads, Soft Chamber, Titanium Valves, PAC Coated Springs, Titanium Locks and Retainers

    -Dart Iron Eagle Block 

    -Diamond Custom Pistons, Gas Ported, Hard Anodized w/Coated Skirts (Two Spares)

    -Trend H13 Pins

    -Total Seal AP Steel Rings

    -Callie's CCW Crankshaft

    -Callie's Enforcer Rods 

    -Stef's Custom Oil Pan

    -Peterson External Oil Pump

    -Moroso 4-Vane Enhanced Vacuum Pump

    -Innovators West 6.75" Damper w/Crank Trigger

    -All Belts and Pulleys Included

    -MSD Distributor and Plug Wires

    -NGK Spark Plugs

    -Dyno Tested Before the Engine Leaves