Custom Camshafts

$600.00 $550.00

Need a custom camshaft for your engine? ZSR does custom grinds for any application. We can get a setup for you whether you are running NA, nitrous, supercharger, or turbo. You must fill out a complete build sheet after ordering to get the camshaft spec'd 100% for your application. Get the right cam the FIRST time. We only do camshafts on billet cores. We only do Fords, so we have experience with whatever combo you have and we know what works and doesn't work. Get ZSR power in your engine!

No specs will be given before the camshaft is purchased. 

This is for standard core SBF camshafts with the 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8 firing order. We can also do 2.081, 55mm, 60mm, and "Pro Stock" firing order. Please contact for details. 

We can also supply you with lifters, rockers, pushrods, timing sets, or anything else you need for your new camshaft.