CALLIE'S MAGNUM 4340 Crankshafts

CALLIE'S MAGNUM 4340 Crankshafts

CALLIES MAGNUM 4340 Forged Crankshafts. MADE IN USA. Fantastic quality, some of the nicest crankshafts available and capable of 2000hp+. FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA. ZSR is a WD for Callies and we can do other options not listed. Call or email for more info. 

-Gun Drilled Mains

-Rod Journals Lightened

-Perma-Case Deep Nitrided

**TIER 2** (Custom Crankshafts)

-2.600-4.375 stroke available

-1.825, 1.888, 2.00, or 2.100 rod journal available

-302 OR 351C main sizes

$1,991.00 $1,900.00
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