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ZSR "Shop Car" 9.5 Engine

ZSR "Shop Car" 9.5 Engine

Here is our new engine combination to fit between the "Sportsman" and "Elite" Series Engines. This is the same exact setup as the ZSR "Shop Car." This is a package for turbo charged applications and we rate it for up to 1500hp. It will be built to your specs; camshaft for your application, turbo setup, vehicle, fuel, etc. We feel this is a very cost-effective way to make serious horsepower. Turbo and kit not included; engine-only

Parts Breakdown:

-AFR 220 Renegade Heads, Inconel Exhaust Valves, PAC Springs, Titanium Retainers

-Cometic MLX Head Gaskets 

-ARP Head Studs 

-ZSR Fabricated Valve Covers (Engraved and with your choice of fittings)

-Jesel "Pro Series" Shaft Rockers

-Trend 3/8 .135" Wall Pushrods 

-Morel "Ultra Pro" Lifters w/Direct Pin Oiling

-ZSR Custom Solid Roller Camshaft 

-Rollmaster Billet Timing Set (Belt Drive Available)

-Dart Sportsman Block w/Billet Main Caps and ARP Main Studs

-Diamond Custom Pistons designed for high boost levels (ANY Compression Ratio; all the same price)

-Trend H13 Wrist Pins

-Total Seal AP Ringset

-Molnar Billet "PWR ADR" Connecting Rods w/ARP2000 Bolts

-Molnar 4340 Crankshaft 

-Moroso #20529 Kickout Pan (Other pans available and up to two drainbacks included)

-Precision "Select" Oil Pump 

-Innovators West SFI-Approved Damper