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RaceTec "Shelf" Pistons

RaceTec "Shelf" Pistons

ZSR Engines is a wholesale distributor for RaceTec and AutoTec pistons. RaceTec pistons are 100% made in the USA and are forged out of 2618 alloy (perfect for nitrous, boost, or NA). We have the ability to change ONE dimension of the shelf part like Compression Height, Bore Size, or Ring Package. This is basically like getting a CUSTOM piston at a shelf price. 

All Racetec pistons feature:

-Diamond turned ring grooves (flatness to the .00001")

-Diamond turned skirts

-Chamfered pins

-Wire Locks

-1.5mm-1.5mm-3mm ring grooves standard (can be changed at NO cost)

-Double Pin Oilers

-Accumulator Grooves

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