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Machined BOSS Blocks

Machined BOSS Blocks

ZSR offers fully machined Ford Racing BOSS blocks. These blocks will arrive at your doorstep fully machined, painted, clean, and ready to assemble. The BOSS blocks feature an extremely nice casting, screw-in freeze plugs, splayed 4-bolt mains, O-ring screw in oil galley plugs, and can withstand BIG horsepower numbers (1200-1500). 

**Unlike the DART blocks, these blocks are actually different between "small bore" and "big bore" blocks. The difference is the small bore blocks have coolant crossovers between the siamese bores for extra cooling HOWEVER this does limit the bore size capability of the smaller bore blocks. The "small bore" blocks can go to 4.125" max recommended by Ford.**

Here is the machine work performed IN-HOUSE at ZSR:

-Block is fully deburred by hand

-Oil returns chamfered

-Deck is resurfaced with BHJ "Blok-Tru" Fixture to achieve true 45* angle using cam and crank bores. Cut with CBN cutter and the surface can use ANY head gasket

-Cylinders bored on Kwik-Way boring bar

-Cylinders honed on Sunnen CV616 with aluminum torque plate installed with ARP hardware. Surface checked with profilometer

-Main bores align honed with ARP main studs installed

-Lifter bores honed

-Block is painted your color of choice after final wash

-Ford Racing camshaft bearings installed along with screw in plugs

-ARP main studs included

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