** Current Lead Time on Builds: 6 - 7 Months **
Machined A460 BBF Blocks

Machined A460 BBF Blocks

Ford Racing A460 blocks that we machine here in-house and it arrives at your door clean, painted, and ready to assemble. 

-Very strong, extremely heavy-duty block that has held up to 2500hp

-Siamese Bores

-Four bolt mains on 2-3-4

-We can cut the deck to your specific dimensions

-We prefer to have your pistons here when we machine the block, but it is not mandatory

Machining done here in-house:

-Deburr and clearance with our 4.500" mock up crank

-Deck the block with our BHJ "Blok-Tru" Fixture. You can use any head gasket with this finish 

-Torque plate hone with ARP hardware for your specific pistons and application (checked with profilometer)

-Line hone (if needed)

-Lifter bores honed

-Cam bearings, screw-in freeze plugs, oil galley plugs, etc all installed

-Painted your color of choice

-We use Durabond "WIDE" coated cam bearings in these blocks 

**Freight calculated when ready to ship**

$3,700.00 $3,485.00