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DART Block Hardware Kits

DART Block Hardware Kits

We have a kit here that we put together at ZSR to help a customer that might have a bare block or shortblock they purchased elsewhere that does not have these items installed. It can be a hassle getting each individual item so we made these kits to make life easier for the end user. This kit is for DART SHP and SPORTSMAN blocks. All the items in the kit WILL fit an Iron Eagle Block, but those blocks come with most of these items in the box. If you need a hardware kit for a stock block, just contact us and we can ship one to you. 

What's Included:

-DART Coated Cam Bearings (optional)

-ALLSTAR Oil Filter Adapter w/hex end for easy installation 

-Two Bellhousing Dowels

-Two Solid Timing Cover Dowels 

-Four Head Dowels 

-DART Cam Plug

-Nine 1/4" NPT Plugs

-Ten Deep Seat Freeze Plugs 

-Oil Crossover Plug for 9.5" Deck Blocks (Optional)

$45.00 $34.97