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Sportsman 438" 875-920hp

Sportsman 438" 875-920hp

This engine package is one of my personal favorites. We set out to design a naturally-aspirated 9.5" deck engine that can make 900hp without getting into anything exotic; it is still an internal wet sump engine, standard cam core, standard .874" lifter, stainless valves, and an inline head. We spent countless hours on the design and testing of this package and ended up with a combination that is easy enough on valvetrain parts to live in a bracket car, simple to maintain, and still makes great power. 

Power Numbers: 876hp @7700rpm (at 14:1 and we can do 15:1 for the same price)


Pricing includes dyno time, tuning the carburetor, etc. See video of this engine below:

From top to bottom:

-Holley Gen3 Dominator carburetor, 1150cfm

-Carburetor Spacer (HVH Super Sucker)

-CHI 4.0 intake, fully race ported, valley tray installed

-BRODIX 15* heads (using a modified Brodix casting), Ferrea Valves (hollow stem intake), PSI springs, Titanium Retainers

-ZSR Fabricated Valve Covers w/Oil Fill and Vacuum Pump Hookup

-T&D Shaft Rockers, 1.75/1.75

-TREND pushrods, 7/16" Dual Taper, .165" Wall

-Cometic MLS Head Gaskets, Custom Cometic Intake Gaskets

-ARP 12pt Head Studs 

-Dart SHP Block (fully machined in-house, for more info click HERE)

-Lunati "VooDoo" 4340 Crankshaft, 4.100" Stroke

-Molnar Billet Steel H-Beam Rods w/ARP2000 bolts

-RaceTec custom dome pistons, 2618 forging, vertical gas ports

-Mahle 1mm/1mm/2mm Ringset

-Solid Roller Camshaft on Billet USA Core (custom ZSR Spec)

-Morel "Ultra Series" Lifters w/pin oiling

-Rollmaster Billet Timing Set

-MSD Distributor w/Bronze Gear

-MOROSO Ultra 40 Plug Wires

-NGK Spark Plugs

-Innovators West SFI-Approved Damper w/crank trigger magnets, sensor, and bracket

-GZ Vaccum Pump Kit

-Moroso "Kick-Out" Oil Pan (can be switched for what pan your chassis needs)

-Windage Tray

-Precision "Select" Oil Pump

**Freight will be calculated once engine is ready to ship**

**DISCLAIMER** When we advertise a dyno number on any of our engine packages, they are the real-world numbers that the engine consistently made. No "hail mary" tunes or "fluff" in these numbers. Our engines run the number at the track that backup our dyno sheets