Sportsman 438" 875-900hp

Sportsman 438" 875-900hp

This engine package is one of my personal favorites. We set out to design a naturally-aspirated 9.5" deck engine that can make just under 900hp without getting into anything exotic; it is still a wet sump engine, standard cam core, standard .874" lifter, stainless valves, and an inline head. More power could be obtained with a dry sump, canted valve deal, but this is more of the "Sportsman" option. We spent countless hours on the design and testing of this package and ended up with a combination that is easy enough on valvetrain parts to live in a bracket car, simple to maintain, and still makes great power. 

Power Numbers: 876hp @7700rpm (at 14:1 and we can do 15:1 for the same price)


Pricing includes dyno time, tuning the carburetor, etc. See video of this engine below:

From top to bottom:

-Holley Gen3 Dominator carburetor, 1150cfm

-Carburetor Spacer (HVH Super Sucker)

-CHI 4.0 intake, fully ported, valley tray installed

-BRODIX 15* heads using a Brodix casting. ,Ferrea hollow stem valves, exhaust plates, PSI springs, Titanium Retainers

-ZSR Fabricated Valve Covers w/Oil Fill and Vacuum Pump Hookup

-T&D Shaft Rockers, 1.75/1.75

-TREND pushrods, 3/8", .135" Wall

-Cometic MLS Head Gaskets, Custom Cometic Intake Gaskets

-ARP 12pt Head Studs 

-Dart SHP Block (fully machined in-house, for more info click HERE)

-Lunati "VooDoo" 4340 Crankshaft, 4.100" Stroke

-Molnar Billet Steel H-Beam Rods w/ARP2000 bolts

-RaceTec custom dome pistons, 2618 forging, vertical gas ports

-Mahle 1mm/1mm/2mm Ringset

-Solid Roller Camshaft on Billet USA Core (custom ZSR Spec)

-Morel "Ultra Series" Lifters w/pin oiling

-Rollmaster Billet Timing Set

-MSD Distributor w/Bronze Gear

-MOROSO Ultra 40 Plug Wires

-NGK Spark Plugs

-Innovators West SFI-Approved Damper w/crank trigger magnets, sensor, and bracket

-GZ Vaccum Pump Kit

-Moroso "Kick-Out" Oil Pan (can be switched for what pan your chassis needs)

-Windage Tray

-Melling "Select" Oil Pump

**Freight will be calculated once engine is ready to ship**

**DISCLAIMER** When we advertise a dyno number on any of our engine packages, they are the real-world numbers that the engine consistently made. No "hail mary" tunes or "fluff" in these numbers. Our engines run the number at the track that backup our dyno sheets