351W-based CAST Stroker Kits

351W-based CAST Stroker Kits

408 Cast Stroker kits. Great, cost effective kits for stock blocks looking to make in the ballpark of 600-750hp.

-SCAT 9000-series Cast crankshaft, 4.00 Stroke, 3.00 Mains, 2.100 Rod Journals

-SCAT I-Beam 6.200 Connecting rods with ARP bolts

-MAHLE 1.5-1.5-3mm ringset. Plasma-moly top ring, ductile iron second

-CLEVITE P-Series Rod Bearings

-CLEVITE P-Series Main Bearings

-Wrist Pins and Locks

Piston Options:

-RaceTec 4032 Forged pistons made for inline cylinder heads (Flat Top or Dish). Virtually ANY bore size available for no extra charge!

Balancing Option In-House at ZSR:

-Rods will be weight matched, crankshaft will be measured and balanced (28oz external) on CWT5000 balancer to race tolerances. Crankshaft will be polished. Balance sheet included

$1,450.00 $1,375.00
Bore size needed